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“Dominic and his team are very responsive and on point. His experience and professionalism was a true comfort as we were guided through the complexities of purchasing a commercial property. Dominic was leading the charge attending to our best interest within the contract and with all of the associated processes to follow, after we had a signed agreement. We are a very satisfied customer and will continue to utilize your expertise in the future.

Thank you Dominic, and to your staff at Parkway Law.”

Wright Design
“Our accounting firm works very closely with our clients who are the owners of privately held businesses. Recently we had a few clients who had some legal needs and we referred them to Dominic. Everything was handled efficiently and effectively. Referring clients is often worrisome as you don’t want a potential negative experience with someone else to reflect on you. However, we have no hesitation making referrals to Dominic at Parkway Law.”
I predominately practice in the area of family law and, over the past 2 years, have sent many of my own clients to Dominic in matters of real estate and business transactions. He and his paralegal, Angela Blane, are very professional and cordial and promptly return both client and attorney calls. Dominic is well-versed in his areas of practice and makes himself available to his colleagues when we need his expertise. I fully endorse Dominic Balascio.
Dana Reynolds | Child Custody Lawyer in Wilmington, DE
Dominic, is the best lawyer I have ever worked with been in Real Estate since 2005. To be totally honest we met at a networking event and who would have thought a lawyer actual doing a follow-up phone call to see how he can service my Real Estate needs and beyond. Ever since then its been history repeating itself great service, communication excellent turn times sometimes minutes or less not hours or days. This guy has not only help fuel my Real Estate business to value-added levels he is also a wealth of knowledge and advice in Estate Planning, Business, and Commercial. If you’re looking for great lawyer who really knows their stuff without hesitation or doubt. Call Dominic today confident and has the right INFORMATION!!
Shayvette | Real Estate Agent
I am very happy to endorse Dominic Balascio as an attorney who specializes in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Dominic has over ten years of experience handling these matters.
Greg Stewart | Business Attorney in Middletown, DE
Parkway Law rocks! During my first consultation with Parkway Law, I was provided a plan to improve various areas of my business. Parkway Law worked with me to form my business and provide the necessary governing documents. Parkway Law has provided me advice on a daily bases to help me run my business. I know I am protected all the way around. My business is now functioning as a business. My business and my personal assets are now protected. In fact, because of using Parkway Law, I avoided a huge lawsuit. My advice for anyone going into business or currently in business is to call Parkway Law. The time I took to do so was well worth the investment. The skill set, professionalism and sophistication of Parkway Law is among the best in the industry. Parkway Law is an essential portion of my company’s DREAM team. I can’t imagine ever doing business without them.
Kim B. | Real Estate Agent

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