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Business Planning and Transaction

The type of entity you choose for your business has far reaching implications. It is important that new and prospective business owners choose the most appropriate business structure based on their goals and type of business to minimize risk and taxation. Once a business is formed, businesses also need comprehensive legal services to ensure continued business success.

Parkway Law can assist provide with the best advice to assist clients with the best business structure for them. We assist in the incorporation of corporations and formation of limited liability companies and prepare articles of incorporation and certification of formation, shareholder agreements and operating agreements and other entity documents. Additionally, we handle buy-sale agreements, employment agreements, covenants not to compete and other contracts that may need to be considered.

Once your business has been formed, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to effectively assist your business with other issues such as contract negotiation, drafting and review of documents, liability issues and litigation of business disputes.

Whether starting a new business or managing an existing business, Parkway Law can explain your options. Contact Parkway Law to learn more about how we can assist you.

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